Use on any device.


Your Queenslander Email address allows you to send and receive mail from any device that has an internet connection. This means you can send and receive from a home computer, your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Your new email address is with you wherever and where ever you are in the world. After registering your address you will see a page with all the information required to use your new QUEENSLANDER email. If you need to access this information CLICK HERE to be taken to the information page.


Spam and Virus Protection


Your queenslander email comes with virus and spam filtering. We utilise one of the worlds leading email providers so if you do have any issues please contact us and we will assit you.




Your Queenslander email address comes with a huge 10gb of cloud storage. You may also choose to add cloud file storage for just $2 per month. Contact us for more information.




At queenslander.com we offer a 24/7 support system. If you have any issues whatsoever just use the contact us link at the bottom of  our pages. One of our professional and friendly support staff will review your request and either send you an email with 24 hours with a solution to your problem or if the rectification can be explained in an SMS message we will text you. If the issue requires us to speak with you we will call the mobile you listed on sign up.


Secure & Private Email


We will never read, sell or scan your queenslander email content for advertising purposes.