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The worlds best email addresses for cricket players and fans!

Perfect email address options for cricketers and fans,,,


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About Us


FootyEmail connects fans to their favourite team 365 days a year!

What could be a better than email address that shows the pride you have for your team?

Not any team… YOUR footy team!

There is a cost for us to host your email address, provide support, set things up and make sure everything runs as it should so we settled on .99c a week (including GST). This enables us to provide the service, offer support when you need and gives you an email that is completely yours and 100% unique.

So for $4.29 (including GST) a month your digital identity is your footy team!


For any questions regarding set-up or service issues please fill in the form including as much information as possible. Please also include your device: example iPhone 6 or Windows PC as this will allow us to assist you faster.

For general enquiries or sales related matters please use the general contact form.

You may also contact us on 1300 979 970

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